Valve Bag Filling Machine

Valve bag filling machine in the offering uses a valve to fill the material in the bag. Customers can use this machine to achieve efficiency and cleanliness. An impeller force the material, which is filled in the bag through a spout joined to machine with a flexible hose pipe and two stage shut-off gate. He impeller rotates at high speed, that densifies the material and fill the material at high speed.  The number of Valve Bag Filling Machine included in the category include, but not limited to Putty Packing Machine, Dry Mortar Filling Machine and Cement Valve Bag Filler. Customers can select the right type of machine based on the characteristics of material and environment. Kinds of material that can be packed using this machine can be:

  • Powder
  • Granular
  • Dry flakes
  • Free flowing
  • Such products include sugar, cement, flour, grain, minerals, spices, sand, soil, sawdust, etc.

Industries that can use valve bag packing machine, include:

  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Sugar
  • Minerals
  • Cement
  • Fertilizer
  • Cereal grain mill

The main components of valve bag filling machine, include the following:

  • Gravity
  • Impeller
  • Auger
  • Air packer or compaction feeder
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Valve Sack Filling Machine

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR/Set

Valve Sack Filling Machine is a type of single head gross weighing and filling machine which finds its application in building materials, minerals, agro-based, chemical, and food processing industries. It consists of a buffer hopper for agitating & feeding product into the bags or packets to assure its uniformity throughout the batch. This machine is suitable for filling all types of products including powdery, granular, or flakes.

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Valve Bag Filling System

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR/Set
  • Material:Iron, Steel
  • Product Type:Valve bagging machine
  • Supply Ability:20-25 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Valve Bag Packing Machine

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR
  • Supply Ability:20-25 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Putty Packing Machine

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR

Putty Packing Machine is designed to fill & mix powders of various particle sizes including cement, additives, flours, and wall putty. It operates with the help of an auger or hopper which consists of an agitator to assure the uniformity of the product while packaging. This machine fills the material in PP or HDPE made bags of various volumetric capacities. It gives the flexibility to attach sewing or other types of sealing devices with the assembly to reduce production time and labor.

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Valve Sack Bagging Machine

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR/Set

Valve Sack Bagging Machine is required for making bags of different materials including cement, putty, chemicals, fertilizers, animal feed, and various types of flours. This machine has the capacity to make packets ranging from 2 kilograms to 50 kilograms. It can fill into valve sack, drums, buckets, and open mouth bags. This bagger is equipped with a dedicated drive to hopper for product agitation for maintaining homogenous nature of the material and preventing formation of unwanted clumps.

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PP Woven Valve Type Bag Packing Machine

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR

PP Woven Valve Type Bag Pack Machine consists of an impeller which is required for feeding powder or granular items including icing sugar, coffee powder, anhydrous chemicals, and concentrated milk. It uses polypropylene made bags to assure hygienic nature and tear resistance of the material & bag respectively. This machine ensures less air consumption and higher output even in smaller size bags. It also consists of a controller for adjusting the coarse & fine feeding values and weight requirements.

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Cement Wall Putty Packing Machine

Price: 300000.00 - 500000.00 INR/Set
  • Driven Type:Electric
  • Control System:Frequency Speed Control
  • Product Type:Wallputty Packing Machine
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:20-25 Per Month
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Valve Type Bag Packing Machine

Price: 360000.00 - 590000.00 INR

Valve Type Bag Packing Machine uses an impeller to force the product into a filling container through the spout. It also consists of a hose pipe for material conveying purpose and an air ring which assists the flow during filling process. This machine is suitable for working with granules, flakes, powder, pellets, and fibrous materials as well. It is admired for its fast filling nature which is achieved by high speed rotating impeller to densify the product.

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Dry Mortar Filling Machine

Price: 350000.00 - 590000.00 INR

Dry Mortar Filling Machine is mainly utilized in construction material manufacturing and packing industries for making bags of cement mortars, chemical powders, and wall putty. It consists of servo motor driven transmission system to assure high accuracy and precision. This machine is capable of making packets of up to 40 kilograms and has 100 kilograms of storage silo capacity. Material contact parts and non-contact parts of this instrument are constructed using food grade stainless & low carbon steel alloy.

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Valve Type Bag Filling Machine

Price: 330000.00 - 390000.00 INR/Unit

Valve Type Bag Filling Machine is required for packing and measuring of cement, dry mortar, lime powder, fly ash, refractory material, and wall putty. It uses vertical impeller system for filling free flowing items in bulk or small amounts. This machine is widely appreciated for its high compaction level, low aeration, rapid emptying of packing silo, modern drive system design, and adaption to various products properties.